Skritter Mobile Beta Walkthrough Video

A 50 minute monster of a video that talks about everything in the new Skritter Mobile App. I did this thing in one take this afternoon so I’m sorry for the lack of polish. We’ll have a much more condensed version of this video out later in the month when things are a bit more polished in the app.

I do hope you find it helpful!


I talk about a lot of stuff for the app and give you a full tour. Here are the timestamps for all the parts that might be interesting to you:

Why 3.0 (0:00-2:12)
Opening the Japanese app (and finding a bug of course…)and talking for a while about why we’re deploying Skritter 3.0

Welcome Screen and Initial Sync (2:12-4:25)

Discussion the login process on the apps talking and talking a bit about my account and loading times for the new beta app and how it is 100% offline ready!

App Navigation Drawer

Learn about Lists, Words, Settings, Quick Test, Contact and our version numbers. Each section will start is here:


*Single Section Study:

*Creating a new list

*Browse Lists (coming soon!)


Learn all about the Words Screen and the filters available on it.

*General Settings:

*Study Settings:

*Retention Rate Explained:

*Add word frequency:

*Easing Speed and type:

*Auto advance

*Bopomofo and the rest of the stats (quick talk about each)

Quick Test:

A new feature that is in early testing. Check it out!


Stats Screen:

Coming soon to the mobile app. Sorry!

Dash screen:

Learn about the dash and how to study, view, and remove single lists from there. More updates will be coming soon.

Remove list issue explained (fix coming):

Items due updates on dash screen:

Study All:

Learn about everything on the new study screen. I keep saying page, it’s a screen!

*Filters Explained

*Audio button explained
I know audio doesn’t work because I’m recording mic audio. Sorry. Didn’t really realize it during recording :frowning:

*Hide Reading/Hide Definition Explained:

Writing Prompt Explained:

Everything on the writing canvas explained!

*Single stroke hint

*Tap-hold hint

*Lack of back button (coming soon!)

*Stroke Order (teaching mode)

*Swipe-up to Erase

*Raw Squigs:

*Auto Adding & Manual Adding Explained:

*Auto Adding when queue is near zero:

Monster video indeed! I watched the whole thing, so I probably should get a prize for that. :rofl: You guys have done a huge amount of work on this. Kudos to the whole team. I can’t wait to start testing the iOS beta.


The knowledge and funny jokes aren’t prized enough?!?! :wink:

We’re excited to have you testing and congrats for making it through the whole thing. I really do hope it gives you a better understanding of where we’re at and where we’re going. Beta rollouts with this many changes are tough, especially for a team of our size. We’re loving the new app, and we realize it needs some more love, too :slight_smile: But we hope that at the core everyone is able to see the potential that it’ll bring for Skritter Chinese and Japanese.

It was so hard to not go into all the plans we have for the future when recording this video. I hope most of the app is just as it was while recording the video, but some things are changing fast (teaching mode button, for example, has been replaced by two-finger tap-hold)… otherwise you’ll have to watch episode 2.

Okay, maybe we’ll wait for full release to do another one of these videos, but you can keep up-to-date with all of the changes we’re making over on the official release notes thread, here.

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