Skritter only has simplified 不客气 (bu4ke4qi)

I just wanted to add this phrase to my list. In the Skritter database there are two entries for qi, one only has the simplified character (气), the other has both variants (气 and 氣). Why are there two entries? For the whole phrase there is only the simplified (不客气). Since, I’m learning traditional, how can I add that phrase to my list? I tried entering 不客氣 into the search field but it automatically reverted to 不客气.

That’s weird, I’ve just had a look at the database and both entries are there and properly linked. Are you only studying traditional? Does it come up correctly in reviews?

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It looks okay for me too. If I try to add 不客气, I get one entry which has both a simplified and a traditional version that are both correct. Where do you add this phrase? Where do you see the different versions? As @Catherine suggests, also be sure to check what your settings are for simplified/traditional.

Both 气 and 氣 belongs to the set of traditional characters and are merged to the same character 气 in the simplified set. So there are 2 entries.

In traditional, there is only 不客氣 but not 不客气. So only one entry exists. If one wants to study 不客氣, just adds 不客气 and selects traditional in the settings. The intended 不客氣 will be presented for study.

In the database, I’ve found many entries like 没气、有气、不爭气、發气、地气、… in the traditional set. Please have the 气’s corrected back to 氣.

@pts I’ll make sure to fix those. The best way of dealing with such issues is to report the problems via the app or website.

There are many entries with this problem and what I have listed is only the tip of the iceberg. I just noticed this when I tried to answer alexraasch’s question. I’ll report the errors one by one via the app or website when I encounter them again. Since I don’t study any of them, so probably this will not happen in the foreseeable future.

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Yes, there is an entry with both simplified and traditional as should be, but when I add it to my list, only the simplified is shown.

How do I report a problem from the iOS app?

You click for information about the character/word and then send correction at the bottom of that screen!

Thanks, I’ll look into it.