Skritter & Pleco integration

I’ve seen in the latest YouTube Skritter video that there is a Pleco button in Skritter, but I don’t see it in my Skritter Android or iOS. I’ve try to search this forum & online but I can’t find a definite answer:

  • Am I not looking in the right place or not seeing the Pleco button in Skritter?
  • What should I do do add or enable it in Skritter?

I don’t seem to be able to delete my original post, but I found the answer (I think). I do see in some cards the button that takes me to Pleco directly.

Pleco should be accessible on the Info screen from any study session or by tapping into a vocab item from decks or My Words as long you have it installed on device.

Same goes for Hanping dictionary on Android.

The Outlier form data will also appear on the info screen for any character that has an entry in their dictionary.

Glad ya found it!