Skritter the next character very hard or imposible


Hi everyone,
Until now I-ve juste tape the screen and Skritter showed me the nex character, Now is not working. I have to press enter and thats force me to lose a loat of time.


Hey there!

I’ve tested this out on the web, but it looks like I’m not able to reproduce the same issue on this end. Are you still unable to use the mouse to advance to the next prompt?


Hi Jeremy,
Actually the problem is only when I have to recognise the words. If I want to tape (I use a tablet) to show himself he refuse. I have to chose the question mark and after the number 3 if I know the word or number 2 for so so.
And other solution is to tape enter and to chose number 2 for so so.


Ah I see what you mean now. What type of tablet are you using?


I’ve run into the same issue when using the web client on my phone. After some testing i found out that the area you can tap on to continue is a rather small area between the word and the place where the grading buttons would be. Tapping on the rest of the screen (except the ? button of course) does nothing.


How does it respond on the web client now?


The tappable area on the webclient is approximately below the line I drew, both before and after showing the answer.


the same problem. And I need the web vwersion because the app doesn-t defragmentate the characters

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