Skritter Web Broken?

I’ve been using Skritter web for a bit of time to practice my Chinese.

I’m enjoying skitter but I feel I’m reviewing the same things over and over, not moving forward like Anki. Seeing the same word a couple of times, no problem. Seeing the word over and over even after you said you get it, ok let’s move on.

Why do my items due always spike up when I refresh the page?

Hi there! :wave:

I recommend adding some new words from your lists when your queue number is low or zero so it doesn’t pull items that are less than 100% due. You can also mark things as “too easy” to send them much farther in the scheduling system.

I noticed you don’t have any study history with Chinese on your account, however do have study history with Japanese. Have you reset your study data?

Items will show up as they become due, it could be possible that when you’re refreshing the page (and it’s syncing back up with the servers) that some more items are due than were before you refreshed.