Skritter web version and mobile differences

Hello.I am always using Skritter Website version on my phone when using Skritter.Reasons are following:
-Bigger seen of characters when reviewing.In app,characters are only in the half of screen when reviewing and seeing the bigger version of characters facilitate the memorizing.Before,the new version of app,it was the same with website verson.
-Add characters when adding words feature is very useful for me
I have a few questions to Skritter team:
1.When I finish my queue in Web version,I sometimes entered to app,but queue is different on app version? Why it is like that?
2.I generally learn 12 new word per day on Skritter web version.It generally ask for the review of 8 words out of 12 in the day of learning.In the next days,those 4 words,for example come for review after 1 week when I forgot them most of the times.Why Web version of SRS does not work properly?
3.Add characters when adding words feature does not work on app? Will you change it? I have purposefully checked it and it did not show in my queue.
4.Do I lose many things,if I continue to use Skritter Web instead of app?


Hi jahandar,

Thanks for reaching out!

1 & 2. At the moment, the website and the app have some disparities. The website schedules the cards a little differently than the app. The team has a project to bring the website to parity with the app, so this will be fixed in the future.
3. We will most likely be adding this back to the app in the future. I just double-checked with one of our developers, and they mentioned that it should still work on the app when you have it checked on the website. Could you send us an email so that we can look into this further?
4. The scheduling is just a little different, but the website is still effective. The website will be more aligned with the app once the team finishes the project.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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