Skritter: Write Chinese Beta Released!

It’s not quite ready, so it won’t be released just yet-- soon!

Just got a blue screen after sending a feedback message. Btw my account is still not working, because of low performance on my device (load times, amount of review data, …)

Hey, sorry you saw that. I wasn’t able to reproduce what you saw after some quick tests on a few phones I have lying around. Did you see that screen after hitting send, or after clicking the “x” to exit the contact form screen? What device and version of the beta are you on?

I am using an iPhone 6 / iOS 11.3.1 on the latest beta 3.1.5 (300179). After I start using my account the app responds very slowly and sometimes suddenly crashes. It works ok on my gf’s iPhone 7 / iOS 12…


Can we downgrade skritter on my mobile (Android) to the previous version the time you finish all features and improvements ? If yes how ?

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, click here: Official Release Notes (Current Version: 3.1.5 300179)

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Are you planning to update to iOS 12? If you do, please let us know if it seems to resolve the problem!

when i go to my decks, i can see only 4 of them. i created 20 decks for 20 levels in this format ‘Domino Chinese Level {level number}- COMPLETE’ and they are not there.

i also published these lists so people in my network who use skritter can find these on your website and other apps but they do not show in the search results. its like your cache needs refreshing or something

@mikelimassol I see them, but you have to flick the switch to “user published” lists. (Well, I guess I don’t see twenty lists)

those are not mine. they were created by other students of domino chinese course. mine have COMPLETE at the end and created by “Domino Chinese”.

But likely to happen this week?


Two concerns on ANDROID APP

1/ “Review feature” doesn’t add enough words everyday…how can i freely study my 20+ lists (400+ words) altogether without having to wait for review feature ? Exactly as we could on previous version…

2/ On the HOME screen, a few of my lists are displayed. Why are they here ? What is it for ?


It’s just about ready! However we try not to push updates on Friday (since the weekend is coming up and we want to be able to react fast to any issues that might pop up).

We’re working out a method to make this possible, however there’s currently not a way to combine words from your lists without using the Review mode. You can use the Test mode though from a specific list to study the words even if they aren’t due as much as you’d like!

These are the lists you’re actively adding words from!

Hey guys, when is the hide reading for writing cards going to be fixed?

It should be fixed in the next release (3.1.6, build 300199).

Hello Skritter team :

Seeking your help for below 2 painpoints :
1/ It shows “50 cards to review” on my phone, but “42 items to review” on my PC" and when i click on study on the PC, i eventually end up with “14 items due”. What’s wrong ?
2/ I’m trying to add items but i get a message “there’s no items to study, add a new list”. I’m trying to add my list to the study queue but they always move back to the review list. What’s wrong ?

Either it’s my way of studinyg that is completely different than the other students, or something goes really wrong with this new version of Skritter. It was so easy and quick to use before, I could study everything i wanted as much is I wanted, and now, i’m considering looking for other learning tools. What happened ?

Hi Benjamin,

I also sent you an email so it’s a bit easier to track and to go back and forth! Here are the contents in case you see this first:

I see the legacy website is currently indicating you have 50 items due for review (as of 7:40PM Pacific time zone). Would you be able to delete the app entirely, give it a fresh install, and check between the legacy website: and the beta app to see what the due items is indicating?

Regarding being able to study everything as much as you want, this should actually be more possible in the beta version! You can use the “Test” mode (by tapping the button from inside of a deck), and study items even when they aren’t due for review. You can do this over and over again as many times as you like, which is hopefully a bit of an upgrade versus the way it used to work.

I cannot see Section 10 for the Outlier List in the latest beta even though it’s there on the web app and on the non-beta ios app.

Fixed. I forced a complete re-download of data and then the list showed up.

Hi Skritter team,

I’m trying to add a word Skritter could not find in a dictionnary (i.e new entry) in one of my list. I click on “Add Word” but nothing happens. It seems like the button has been disabled. I tried different browsers (firefox and chrome). See screenshot as below.