Small mistakes in old HSK decks

I noticed some small possible mistakes in the old HSK decks. The HSK 4 deck has only 599 words, not 600. Is one word missing? After a quick check I think the word 号码 might be missing.

Also, the first section in HSK 6 deck has 96 words and the last sections has 104 words. According to the names of the sections, both should have 100 words.

The HSK 2 deck has one extra word (the last section has 11 words, not 10). This is actually correct, because 虽然……但是 and 因为……所以 have been counted as two words (giving 2 extra words) and the two meanings of 对 are counted as one word (2-1=1). The description text “Our HSK 2 list covers 150 words. Our HSK 2 list covers 150 words” is a bit misleading (and written twice).

Sorry for nitpicking! :wink:

Hi MikaS,

Thanks for reaching out! We’ll take a look at this and get back to you soon.

@MikaS Thanks for digging in!

I’ve added 号码, which was indeed missing from HSK 4 deck. You were on the money.

Not exactly sure of the best way to clean up the other decks, but as Sarah said, it is on our radar. The last thing I wanna do is move around items on a live deck with loads of people studying.

Thanks for the nitpicking!