So it looks like the forum got updated

Could you guys give us the low down on all the changes you made?

I went rogue on a design marathon and made some changes based on user-feecback.

Hopefully, you can now have access to light and dark themes within your profile settings under interface

I also added some custom artwork for each category and will be more involved in moderation and product feedback going forward.


We are looking to update the community with changes going forward, and are looking forward to giving you guys updates very soon.

Very cool. I sure wish I could increase the text size on the study pages in the Web 2.0 version. The ratio between the character studied and the accompanying text is too extreme. The 1.0 version is better for me, but the ideal would be to be able to customize this in settings.

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That’s definitely on the hit list of things to fix, but first we’re focusing all our efforts on the mobile apps.

Thanks Podster.

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