Some thoughts about Android beta (December 2018)


Above all I want to say that I used beta for a very short time - about an hour or so. Therefore, in this topic will be only what immediately caught my eye.


  • First of all the app for some reason ignores “enter”. I mean, there is no transfer to another line. Because of this, the translation merges into one endless sentence.
    This is crucial for me, since English is not my native language. It is Russian. Therefore, I search every word in dictionaries and type it in the translation field. But I don’t want to lose the English version either, since very often it helps to understand the meaning of a word or kanji deeply. But due to the ignoring “enter” by application, everything looks very bad and difficult to read.

  • In the second place based on the text above, it is clear that in the translation field I have a lot of text. But in beta, for some reason, it does not scroll. Instead, everything that does not fit is replaced by “” as shown below

  • Third there is no UI like in the old version. Yes, I know about the long press. But the old version, with visible buttons I like more. Like this:

  • Fourth sometimes, when you enter something in the translation field and click “save”, everything is reset and only the original English version remains.

Mainly, only these points did not suit me. And it is because of them I deleted the beta version and installed the regular one.
The rest seemed quite good for me.
Nice and smooth interface. And most importantly - comfortable.
No freezes or slowdowns.
Many words have audio, which does not have in the normal version. True, it sometimes works with a delay of 1-2 seconds.

In general, thanks for your work. You have a great app. A bit of edits, and it will be very great XD


Thanks for the notes and feedback!

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