Sound lost on iOS 8.3

Hi, I have recently updated to iOS 8.3 (@iPad mini) and at about that time (not exactly sure) my Skritter went mute. No sounds whatsoever. All other apps are happy to talk to me though :smile:

Even re-installed it, No effect.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Not sure if this is overly pedantic, but the iPads (except for the Air 2) have two separate volume controls that can affect apps. A slider button that turns off some sounds and then a volume control that turns other sounds up and down. To hear Skritter you need to have both volume controls switched on.

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I have assigned rotation lock to that slider switch. And when I invoke Pleco on a character sounds are audible.

it was the “ringer switch”. It escapes me why it affects Skritter sounds though…

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Mute behaviors are tricky. We actually change the application to ignore the “ringer switch” in the past and it caused more problems than it fixed. Glad you were able to figure it out and best of luck in your studies!

Jake and The Skritter Team