Spreading out reviews - not adding new words


So I decided to spread out my reviews as I was looking at 100-200 per day, which probably is normal. However, I like to focus my energy rather on 50 reviews and really try to focus on these characters and make them stick better. I know one can power through 100-200 easily, but it does not feel like the right approach for me because I’ll just end up forgetting them and I’m studying intermediate-advanced characters.

What happened now is that I ended up with 10 reviews per day which on the other hand is too little, and for some reason Skritter is not adding new vocabulary that I do need to start studying again as I’m short on time. Any way to fix this so that the reviews would be around 50 per day and new words would still be added?


You could set adding to manual.

Thanks for the reply,

Tried auto adding, won’t work. It says “looking for new word” then a white box pops at the top of the screen and no new word is added.

Anyone ran into this problem who might have a solution?

@GdzLL Skritter doesn’t actually restrict how many reviews you have per day, rather it displays the number of items that are ready for review based on our SRS system. Theoretically, once you’ve gotten close to reducing your review queue to zero Skritter will add more items for you to study. It sounds like you’re running into some issues here and we’d love to help figure out what’s going on.

Few questions that might help us figure out what’s going on:

  • Are you studying all of your lists together, or are are you trying to study a single vocabulary list (and if so, which one?)
  • Which client are you using (web, iOS, or Android) to Skritter?

When looking up your account info it appears that you have two member accounts: alijaa and GdzLL. The former is expired, which would prevent you from adding new characters to your study queue. The latter is still active though (and that appears to be the account you’re studying on) so there shouldn’t be any issues.

Feel free to reply to this post or send an email to team@skritter.com and we’ll help to get things sorted out.


@SkritterJake Thanks for your reply.

At the moment I’m studying 2/3 lists - “Reading Into a New China” and my personal list. I usually filter them in the settings depending on which vocab I wish to study.

I’m using Android app to Skritter, which might be the problem. The app won’t let me add new words and won’t do it automatically either, so I’m stuck reviewing the same words. More reviews will probably come as I have spread them out, but this will take some time.

My current account is GdzLL, a paid subsciption.

Hopefully you can figure this out as I need to study the new words and when the app is working properly, it is so efficient.


It looks like Reading Into a New China was paused so the server wasn’t able to fetch any words from it. I unpaused the list and you should be able to add words from it again. Please check your filters and make sure both lists are active and try using the plus button to add some words.

Hopefully that does the trick! If not let us know and @josh and I will take a deeper look.


@SkritterJake Works! Thank you for your help

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Glad to hear it!


Issue was resolved. Marking topic as closed.