SRS formula general question

I made a list of words and kanji to study using a book and although it’s been a while since I studied using Skritter or tried drawing kanji much, I do remember a lot so I don’t need to drill a lot of these words into my head over and over. So I select the blue strong option on the iPad. However, the words keep coming back over and over in the same session. In particular this word 八百屋 just repeats constantly to no avail. If it want to repeat this word all day today I can deal with it as long as tomorrow it will realize I’ve gotten it right about 50 times straight and will hold off for a while.

I recommend clearing the local data which should hopefully sort the problem out. Here’s a link to a guide:

Thanks. This seems to have fixed my issues both with the music from Spotify getting turned off and the SRS algorithm is more in line with what I wanted too.