Starred words in Beta

Since you will be discontinuing 1.0 this summer, I have a question: when I use 2.0 (desktop), I can find my list of starred words, but can’t find out how to study them or edit the mnemonics. I can study them on my iPad, but have no access to kanji for my mnemonics like I do on my desktop. I want to be able to edit my starred word mnemonics with adding kanji or kana if needed. How do I do this?

You can view your starred word on 2.0 at:, however there currently isn’t a way to edit it’s info (yet), or study just the starred words. It’s on the way!

In the meantime you can view and edit them on 1.0, at:

Thanx! I am glad it is on the way. Please be sure it arrives before you turn off 1.0. Will we be informed when it is available so we can test it?

We’ll be sure to feature it in the update highlights on the dev notes when it becomes available! :slight_smile:

This is a vital part of my study and it would be a great loss to my study if it is not available when the 1.0 goes away. By the way, it would be great to hear about the changes in progress in your email newsletter.

Starred words won’t be going away, they’re already partially implemented in 2.0! We’ll be sure to announce user facing development updates in the next newsletter.