Statistics and parts adding

Hi there! I have two issues:

(1) under parameters/parts adding, I’ve selected Writing/Tone/Definition. On the web version of Skritter, I do get all three to revise; however, on the android app, I get only Writing/Tone, but not definitions (although it is indeed selected under parameters).

(2) statistics/characters/words count are a bit unclear to me. This month (so basically just today 01/04), I did my revisions, got new words added as usual. However, stats for this month show : 0 characters and -2 words… all time characters stays stuck to the same as yesterday (850 char/705 words). Can you check please? Is there a difference in statistics between word added/word learned?

Thank you anyway for this app. Great tool!

Hi Bruno!

(1) Are you using the Android beta app? If so, have you checked the Filters area in the setting gear icon (from the study screen) to make sure that all the parts are enabled there?

(2) The words added value shows how many new words were added, while the words learned shows how many were learned. If you mark some things that were previously counted as learned as incorrect, it would make that value drop. If you are at less words learned than previously before, the value would be a negative number since it’s lower than the previous value.

Yes, I use the beta app and everything was ok in the filters area. Solved by now. FYI, when I make changes to settings, it only takes effect when I logout and login again, which I find a bit odd.

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