Statistics around character study success rate

It would be amazing if there was a chart in the stats section that would should success rate per word study, with a possibility of sorting by worst/best, as well as the ability to add the words with the worst success rate to a custom deck or some other collection that would allow to focus on them. I know there’s already some solutions for studying words we make the most mistakes on, but perhaps unifying this data into one chart would help reduce tech debt around statistics.


I like the idea of being able to add words to a custom list! The SRS system will show you the words you get wrong more frequently in your Due Cards. So you should be seeing the words with the lowest success rates more often during your review sessions. There is currently the option to star words in the “i” section. So one option right now would be to star the words you want to review even more. You can find them by going to My Words and then toggling on the Starred.

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I ended up building something to tell me my most challenging characters. The idea behind it was that I’d be able to spend some time looking at how I remember those characters rather than relying on visual memory.

It was useful initially, but I haven’t found a way to include the recency of mistaken recall. So characters I used to get wrong in the past still show up in my list of challenging characters even though I have now mastered them.


I was thinking about something that would allow to drill down from the Stats page:

You would click on the Retention %, for example, and it would lead to a graph/table with all the learned characters listed, with respective retention %. Then, you’d be able to filter by time period, or have a time series graphic that would show progressive success rate over time when you select one or multiple character.

I understand if this is not in the plans, but just wanted to put the FR out there in case some time in the future you decide to circle back. :slight_smile:


I was just looking for something like this too. I just got back onto Skritter after a 10 year hiatus (:hushed:) and I’ve been impressed with all the changes (for one thing, I now have a phone that can use the app, which was just starting back then…)

BUT I would like to see something that tells me about individual word and character retention. For me, this is especially important since I’m coming in at a CEFR C1+ level, but am also trying to go back and focus more on tones and how to write the characters. (An aside: to anyone who thinks “nah, I can just learn from other SRS programs since I don’t really need to be able to write from memory and generally know what the tones are”, you might want to think again. Maybe just my own experience?) So my “actual” knowledge is truly all over the board as I add everything from HSK 6+ level words to truly foundational words. I’m trying to organize what I do and don’t “know”.

In other SRS programs I’ve used (namely Chairman’s Bao and Memrise), there is usually some sort of % or visual of “how well you know this vocabulary word”, when it was first introduced, and when you should study it again. Right now what I can find in Skritter is a list of all the words and when I need to review them again, but if I go into individual lists, it just says “adding” and there is a list of the words in the deck. On the app, there is a progress bar for each “level” within a deck, but it seems to be based on whether the word has been introduced. These are great, but I am hoping for a deck by deck and level by level way of seeing what my progress is with each individual word and character. That would mean an “introduced”, “practicing”, “getting there”, “already in long term memory” sort of break down.

Even more amazing would be if that breakdown could go further into individual writing/definition/reading/tone %'s like @spaceataraxy posted above. That way we can see which characters and words are constantly giving us trouble. Knowing the “trouble words” can allow us to work on them outside of Skritter.

Even more more amazing would be if the characters listed could connect to other places that character has appeared (the list name and the word that it’s in). This can help enormously with making connections as our webs of characters > words continually expands. (something like would be fantastic, though I can understand if I’m asking too much for Skritter to add this sort of feature, so a basic list would be fine.)

Thanks for having a great program to kick my Chinese learning back into focus!

Pleco has this under the Words tab for each entry. I know it’s not Skritter, but I also find it invaluable to be able to cross-correlate characters with other usage within words.

For this I just have an exhaustive list of synonyms and antonyms of all the chinese words I know, and as I review in Skritter, for many I will control find the word within excel and look at the words I’ve placed around it. I’m constantly rearranging words to pair with better chinese words - for example recently grouped the following words together:
but this is just a drop in an excel with 6,500 word synonym aka associated word entries. (thank Wenlin for the Definitions)

|cu4jin4|{B} v. promote; accelerate; spur|
|tui1dong4|{B} r.v. push forward; promote; pushed|
|tui1guang3|{B} v. popularize; spread; extend;expand promote; promotion|
|pu3ji2|{C} v. popularize; disseminate; spread ◆s.v. universal; popular|