Statistics - confusion about item count

I am not quite sure how exactly you are counting characters/words that have been added.
When I add a word with characters I have not encountered so far, are these characters also added to the learned characters? Or is the count of characters learned so far only for the single characters I have been studying?

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The number of characters learned is any single character you’ve studied (even if it’s in a multiple character word), where multiple character entries are counted as words opposed to characters. One slight flaw in this is that a single character entry you’ve studied (which is also a word on it’s own) would be counted under “characters” opposed to “words”.

@Jeremy Is that really so?

The count of single character entries (exporting through the Skritter 1.0 website) is way lower than the number of Characters Learned.
If I add five 2-character words with all brand new characters I expect the Characters Learned count to go up by 10 and the Words Learned to go up by 5. And that is what Skritter seems to do.
This is while having Add Characters When Adding Words set to OFF.

(there is still some minor discrepancy between the Characters Learned and number of unique characters loaded which cannot be explained by forgotten items - I suspect it’s about some entries that are not considered characters, e.g. 亻,⺈,爫 and the like)

Thanks for the info,
is there any way for you to implement a statistic which shows the total amount of characters learned? I guess it might be impossible depending on how you organized the data, but I think it would be very useful to know this kind of information as a learner.

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@bezdomny You’re correct! I’ve updated my post to be more clear, I left out some important details. What you describe is accurate, if you add five 2-character words (all with brand new characters), the characters learned would go up by 10, but the word learned would go up by 5. If you add 10 single character entries, that would increase the single characters learned and words learned value by 10.

The 2.0 stats page should show you your total number of characters learned in the upper left corner (

Or you could hop on the legacy stats page, at: (and then click “Totals” in the upper right hand corner) which will show you a detailed breakdown of all of your stats.

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