Statistics showing no new learned characters

Hi Skritter team,

has there been any changes as to when a new character is marked as learned compared to the previous version?
In my daily routine I am adding at least 2 words with unknown characters, but for the past days I mostly have 0 characters learned at the end of the day. I know I am of course unlearning characters too from time to time, but before I would still come out with 2 new characters learned per day on average.

  • At what point is a new character considered learned?
  • Does marking a character wrong once make it unlearned and is it then considered just like a newly introduced character?

Newly learned characters and words should show up as learned on the progress screen of the new client after they are marked “got it” at least once during your daily review. At least that is how it is suppose to work. Perhaps the characters contained in words aren’t getting factored in to the characters learned count on the progress screen?!? What do you see on

Cards marked incorrect that you’ve been studying for a while should be removed from your total characters/words learned count until you get them correct again. If you’re not adding enough new stuff each day you might end up with negative learned items for a short period of time (this is always the worst feeling!!!).

In terms of scheduling, the new client handles things a bit differently. Cards you’ve forgotten will be due immediately, and then again the following day, regardless of your previous retention rate since you’ve forgotten it for some reason. Future scheduling, however, is still based on a lot of the old logic so things you’ve studied a lot with a generally higher retention rate will be pushed into the future a lot faster than new things you’re studying for the first time.

If that doesn’t seem like it is happening, do send us an email with a few details so we can investigate. The progress screen in the new app is still very much in need of extra love to truly deliver the kind of tracking that you’d expect in an app like this, and we currently have the overhaul and improvements scheduled for a 3.3.10 release or somewhere around there.

Could it still be possible that any negative values had caused your stats to balance out to 0 learned for the day as you mentioned? That would be logical explanation.

Yes I do think the words that I “unlearned” balance out the new characters. But in the past I would still end up with a positive because I am also relearning “unlearned” characters.

Has there really been no changes in to when a character is considered to be learned? Btw, the legacy site’s statistics agree with the ones in the App over the past days.

I do really like that words I mark as wrong immediately come up again, that’s how it should be! It doesn’t matter how many times I got the right before, if I don’t know them now I want to repeat them again.