Stroke order animation on iPad/iPhone?

I saw in the fact something about pressing ? but that would be for the desktop version I think. Is this built into the iOS app too?

I figured out that you just have to stroke up and then double tap to get the kanji. BTW stroking up can take several tries before the app understands you. Similar to doing a correct stroke in a kanji. I don’t know why that is. There are zero up strokes that I can think of in any kanji so it should recognized that up stroke pretty easily. But considering how many times I have to repeat a stroke while drawing a kanji it doesn’t surprise me.

That said I could use some advice. I am frustrated with repeating the same stroke over and over until the app accepts it. Sometimes it doesn’t accept it and I just press correct and press on the right and move on. I am using the iPad. I tried on the iPhone but there’s no sound at all for whatever reason. I tried on Android and had the same problem - no sound but it’s so different from the iOS version I don’t know if it’s meant to have sound. You chose some very good sounds for this app on the iOS version and I thank you sincerely for that. Although I’m frustrated with repeating strokes that I know are correct on kanji an infinite amount of times it does’ happen on every kanji (mostly kanji that have hooks in them) I’m still enjoying the app on a whole. But I get frustrated hence this post.

Anyone have any tips for me to get around this?

I recently signed up for a class in Japan and tested into their advanced level but I haven’t made myself draw kanji in a couple years at least and it’s way behind my speaking/listening/reading ability. So I could really benefit from this app because they unfortunately teach and expect students to write kanji. I’d also like to live and work in Japan in the near future (albeit as a an English teacher) but still, I’m re-evaluating writing kanji as a whole and thinking I need to catch it up to my other skills.

Thanks for any feedback. Maybe I’m just drawing hooks wrong. I have it set to squiggles off (or whatever setting lets you see what you drew) and I have the stroke order set to strict because I might as well learn that while I’m at it. But the hooks are killing me on this app. It’s not that I don’t know there’s supposed to be a hook it’s that the app won’t recognize my hooks ever. If I don’t draw any hook then it usually passes me and tells me I’m supposed to do a hook but I’d rather not get in the habit of not drawing hooks.


I’ve found in the past that the problem of unrecognised strokes (I’m on iPad too) was down to either a screen protector or low quality stylus. I’m using one now that has a fabric rather than rubber tip and its working much better.

Hope that helps! Im afraid I’m not much use on android or iPhone versions.

I thought I replied to this but I don’t see it. I’m not using a screen protector and I tried a couple different styluses and then my finger and the results were the same. I’m getting a little better at it as I get more practice. Someone else pointed out that the app forces you to write kanji in a particular style according to the font. The biggest issue though is the strokes with a hook. The stupid first stroke in 小 is the worst. The app fails me over and over for this kanji. I can over ride it thankfully but it’s a little demoralizing.

BTW I love the black theme on the iPhone. I just discovered it and I’m upset that it’s not on the iPad. Also, while I"m at it, I noticed that although the iPhone 6 has a nice big writing area, if you use the top part then the app marks you wrong all over the place. You can figure this out because the example kanji is smaller than you would expect per the size of the writing box. So if if you draw everything down a bit lower than it works better. Still have issues regarding the hooks and what not though.