Stroke Order Placement strictness?

Hi there, I’m coming back to Skritter after quite a long time, and it looks like there’s been quite some improvements! However, I’ve keep writing some characters in the wrong places, and was wondering if there was some setting to make this a bit more strict. For example, 胃, I keep writing 田 on the left and 月 on the right instead of how it should be, but Skritter grades it as OK. I’ve tried playing with the stroke order strictness to see if that would fix the problem but either I’m just not finding the right setting or it’s not the right thing to be messing with. Is there anything to fix my problem, or is this something I just need to get used to myself? Thanks!

I don’t think you can do more than setting the strictness to the maximum level, but one thing you can (and probably should) do is to turn on raw squigs, which will at least partly solve your problem (and bring some other benefits). I’ve written more about this in a blog post:

Improve your character writing by enabling raw squigs

This will not increase the strictness as such, but it’s much less likely that Skritter will allow you to write the entire component in the wrong place than just one stroke. Also, Skritter won’t give the character away by moving the stroke for you.

Ah um… I actually do have raw squigs enabled D: I love them!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I suppose really, I can just deal with it and mark it as wrong anytime I do this, I was just wondering if there was some setting I was missing, or perhaps a bug. Thanks!

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Yes, I understood what you meant, I just didn’t realise it was that lenient. Is that an exception? Do you have other examples? In my experience, the app is a lot more strict, and even if you can get a way with small shifts, those in your picture look really big. I just tried it out on the scratchpad, though, and it really is as lenient as you say.