Study Management: Easy Words Show Up Too Frequently


Sorry if this is a simple issue or if it is addressed elsewhere. I’m new to Skritter, still on the trial period and deciding whether or not to subscribe. I have neglected character writing recently since I mostly rely on typing and texting. I have developed a system on Anki to retain new vocabulary but am now re-learning character writing.

Here is the problem:

Easy words show up too frequently on Skritter. As I go through the list I keep encountering super-easy words. Anki solves this situation by delaying the words for period of time the length of which is proportional (more or less) to the ease of the word. Does Skritter have a similar function? How can I get the easy words to not show up so frequently without deleting them from the list? I want to keep them in the list but many words I don’t need to see for a few weeks or months. Please help.



Hi there,

Have you tried using the grading buttons to mark those words as “too easy” rather than just “correct”? That will push them back in your schedule much faster.

The image below shows where this is on the web, on iOS it’s in the bottom left hand corner, not sure about Android but I assume it’s similar.

Hope this helps :smile:


Thanks Catherine. On the Android system it has:

wrong, so-so, correct, easy

There are four options. But it seems that even when I designate a word as easy it still shows up way too frequently.


Hmm. Are these words coming up as due when you review them? There should be a little percentage somewhere that tells you - if it’s less than 100% then you’re seeing the word earlier than Skritter thinks you should. If so, it could be that you just don’t have enough words so it keeps revisiting ones that aren’t due yet.

For example the below shows that I’m really behind on my Skrittering!

Otherwise don’t know what to suggest sorry :frowning:


Catherine’s suggestions are good. From the FAQ

A grade of 4 (“too easy”) is like a 3, but with a factor of 3.5 instead of 2.2. The default initial interval is four weeks. You only need to press 4 three times in the first three years for an item, so it’s a very quick way to get easy stuff out of the way.

If you’re seeing items again sooner than that it might mean you’ve got nothing to add to the queue.


Thank you everyone! This helps a lot.

So Skritter, unlike Anki, just keeps giving you words to study, rather than “finishing the deck” for the day?

Yep! If you finish your reviews for the day by getting ‘items due’ down to zero, that is kind of like ‘finishing the deck’ but it will let you carry on if you want to, which they call ‘overpracticing’, i.e. studying words before they are due.
If you find that way too easy, it means you need to add some more words! (But I’d suggest not to just find a random big list that you don’t have context for - it might get very difficult.)