Study only parts of specific words

How can I easily set things so that i only study certain parts of a particular word? I dont mean changing the settings for a list, or for one study session only.

For example, I have a list for the 100 most common Chinese components (from Hackingchinese), and for some of those wordss I dont need to bother knowing the tone, as Ill never use them like that, but I do want to practice the definition, writing etc.

So, making a separate list for these words seems silly. I mainly use the mobile apps: it seems i can ban the word, then log into the web interface, find the word in a list, and unban certain parts of it. This is a very inefficient method! How can i just ban one part easily?

Also, what does “rune” mean on the word’s detail screen on the desktop?


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Ha I have the same problem with a few radicals. Does anyone care that “roof” 宀 is pronounced mián, second tone? But I bet it’s not easy to ban a part.

Skritter uses “rune” to mean the writing part of an item, one of the four 4-letter study parts (rune, defn, rdng, tone).
(perhaps the use of “rune” relates to a long-lost theory of a Germanic origin for Chinese characters :smiley: )