Studying Japanese words that have no Kanji

When I study words that have no Kanji, such as かっこいいor つまらない, they seem to get automoatically removed from my word pool by skritter. Is there no way to use Skritter to study words with no Kanji?

I sent you an email which I believe addresses this issue, in case you see this first!

I received no email, sorry.

That’s odd! Here’s what I wrote:

“This is something that will be implemented in Skritter 2.0, but in the meantime the way you can get this to work is by resetting the list you want to retroactively study kana on using the website, then add from them again using Android or the html5 site. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

(This was in response to the “write kana” feature-- If you’re not referring to the words not popping up on Android/HTML5 my apologies).