Studying starred items

Hello, everybody.

I’m new to using the website (been mostly using the iOS app to study Chinese). I can’t seem to find a way to study ONLY the starred items in any specific list. Sure, there’s a way to study ALL the starred items, but I want to focus on 1, or maximum 3 lists at a time.

In the iOS version it’s somewhat possible to do this, but the feature is really bugged. It only works sometimes, but it mostly just loops a few items (starred or not), and very often just individual characters and not the words…

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I would like to know the same thing for android.

@ablade unfortunately you’re not able to have that much control over starred items. Sad to say it, but the feature is super buggy. It’s on our list of things to update, but compared to some of the other changes we would like to make, it’s a pretty low priority item.

@Johnnetta Don’t expect that level of control on Android any time soon, but when we release the big update later this summer you’ll be able to at least focus studies on stared items.

Thanks. I found a simple way around it in case anyone is also trying to study only their starred items: I exported all the starred items, copied them, and created a new list called “Starred” where I pasted them. Then, I just keep updating the list as necessary.

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Awesome! That’s certainly one way to do it. Glad you found a solution that allows you to focus on those pesky starred items.

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I am trying to find out what starring an item actually does. Your website doesn’t really say, nor does the FAQ or the help materials on the app… Thanks!

There’s an option in advanced study (at least on iOS) to emphasise starred items. Not really sure what that does though.

Outside of the iOS app and the star emphasis mode (which adjusts the SRS to put more emphasis on starred words, so you see them more often versus with no emphasis), starred words are a handy way to mark something for some reason, for example maybe to think about it later if it’s a tricky word you keep forgetting (leech)-- often just starring the word and setting it apart mentally can sort it out. You can view all of your starred words via:

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Any update on this? Not having a useful way to study my starred words is a little frustrating at $15 a month.

Hey Ryan!

I’m not sure what you mean, you can study your starred words! Which app(s) are you using? I can give you specific instructions.

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your quick response. I am using the iPad app for Chinese and have a way to star words that I’m having trouble with but I cannot for the life of me find a way to study only those starred words. By the time the trouble words come around again I’ve already forgotten them.

I don’t have a computer- only an iPad and an iPhone, so when I go to the website it lets me see the starred words but I cannot study them (no flash player).

Is there a button somewhere in the app that triggers only the starred words to come up so I can learn them?

Thank you.

On the iOS app, you can use the “Advanced Study” menu, and then set the “Star emphasis” to 100%,

However you could also get more control by using @ablade’s tip:

This is my first time trying out the starred feature on the iOS app, so I starred a single word, and then used “Advanced Study” with “Star emphasis” set to 100%. I expected the same character to just come up over and over, but instead what happened is it came up once, and then it went to the rest of my list. I went back to the home screen and looked at the “Advanced study” settings again, and the star emphasis bar had reset to 0%.

Is this the intended behavior of the app, or is this a bug? I would have thought: A) That it would remember my settings even if I exit the session, and B) That completing the set of starred characters during an advanced study session would have no effect on the % emphasis settings (but it evidently does?).

On a related, but different topic, I would like to request a new feature: Under “Lists” there is a “Word actions” drop down menu where I can select all words in a particular list and do one of three things: “Ban from My Words”, “Unban from My Words”, or “Add to List”. I think there should also be “Star” and “Un-star” options. If I go to the “i” icon for info during study those are the two main options: star and ban. So it would make a lot of sense to be able to control those same options from the “Lists” menu as well. That’s already an option for ban, but not for star. Why?

The settings on the Advanced Study menu aren’t sticky, so they would reset each time you close the session and go back into Advanced Study. It might be that you need a few more words starred for the emphasis to be effective.

Excellent point with the word actions! Progress is being made on the iOS beta app (this is where new things are being developed). If you’d like to give it a try you can check out more info at: