Studying subsets of lists in android

I know I can study individual lists, but is there a way to just choose a subset of a list in the android app? In my case, I just started studying the fifth book in the New Practical Chinese Reader series. I used other texts to get to that level and I don’t want to study the previous 50 lessons’ vocabulary to get to the lesson I’m on now.

If the list is a multipart list with separate sections in it, you can start the list at any arbitrary section. Here’s a post on how to do it on iOS, which should be generally similar to the Android version.

That post referred to setting a list BACK to a previous section, but the same mechanism is used to set a list FORWARD to a section also.

I didn’t see that option. I am running the newest version of the app on a Samsung s5. No idea if that matters or not. could it be a problem with the way the list was created?

Single Section study is not a feature included in the Android app (yet). The list settings that Apomixis mentioned are also not in the Android app yet. We will be adding single section study into the Android application in a future build, but the feature will not be available to users for a month or two.

You could modify the list settings on the website and those changes would take place inside of the application, but having to go back and forth to adjust things is less than ideal. One alternative solution would be to duplicate and remix your current list (again, I would recommend you do this on the web for easier control) and simply make the section you’re trying to study into a separate list. Details on this process can be found on our FAQ here.

Hope that helps and stay tuned for a real single section study option soon!


Any news on that? I haven’t studied Chinese for a long time, but I’d like to come back to it using once again Remembering the Traditional Hanzi, that I had finished a long time ago on Skritter. One problem: I have more than 2500 words to review, and so would like to study section by section.
I’m not currently a subscriber (I’ll come back when I hit Book 2), can I still duplicate mu list and make each section a separate list? I haven’t found how.


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List section study would be awesome, but it’s a huge project and our development team is busting their butts on the new website and then working on updating the mobile clients. We do have a work around, however, that involves remixing lists and basically isolating the section that you’re looking to study. It’s totally a hack, but it works. And after a bit of practice it only takes a few minutes to get things just right. We’ve got a guide on how to do it.

I would highly recommend that you use the website when making these changes, as it’s going to be a lot easier to manage and quickly make changes. I used this method when teaching Chinese to isolate single chapters of Integrated Chinese and other lists for my students and they found it a lot easier to keep on top of the things they needed to work on for the week.

Hope that helps. And we all look forward to the day when section study is as easy as pie!


I’m not a software developer, so this may be a totally ignorant comment, but I would think it would not be a huge project if it had been built into the design in the first place. What I mean is, the ability to study a single list section is part of Skritter 1.0, so I’m puzzled as to why it does not seem to be available in 2.0, nor in iOS nor Android. Is this still a back burner issue? To me it seems a big loss in functionality. I understand that you plan to keep Skritter 1.0 around for a while (“Legacy Skritter”) I certainly hope so because I also really like one of the other features that was intentionally omitted from 2.0, namely the tone colors.

Rest assured legacy isn’t going anywhere until 2.0 reaches parity. Single list section studying is something that will be available on all clients in the future.

Does this remixing of lists still work? I tried the link provided and it is not working. I would like to study Integrated Chinese Level 2 Part 2 on Android and study specific chapters, but have not found a way to make this happen. Thanks!

Ah, that link isn’t working due to a DNS change. Here’s a working link:

Thanks so very much, I will give this a try!

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