Sudden problem with stroke recognition

In the last 2-3 days it just became a more difficult to get my strokes recognized when I draw them. Oddly this can also cause Skritter to skip to say stroke 4 when only 2 or 3 are accepted and visible on the screen. If I erase the whole thing and start over I can generally get it to work, but I’ve been fooled a number of times into thinking I was writing the wrong character and had to look it up.

Hey, there haven’t been any updates around stroke recognition or the writing canvas recently. Is the problem reproducible for certain characters?

I’ll try to keep an eye out for it. I haven’t noticed any patterns so far.

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I took a few screen grabs that show part of the problem. A stroke will partially resister but then show only faintly, and then the ensuing stroke gets omitted altogether and you have to skip it. Doesn’t seem to be confined to any particular character but the speed at which you write may have some influence. You have to look closely at the screen shots but you can see a very faint strike in each.

Thanks for the screenshots. @SkritterMichael will take a look. In the meantime, you can go to settings and try turning on Lo-Fi writing which should alleviate this issue for now. Or turn off raw squigs if you can live with that. :squid:

Thanks for the screenshots! That’s definitely not a great experience. I’ve seen this kind of bug before, so I know where to look.

Actually @hz, I have a couple questions that would help me fix this. What version of the app are you on (open up the hamburger menu on the dashboard, it’s in the lower left corner), and do you think you could grab some video of this happening? I want to make sure I’m looking at the right thing, because when the missing strokes occur affects the fix. Thanks!