Suggestion: add a link from the Discourse site back to the main site

If I go to the main Skritter site, there are links to go to the Forum or the Blog. However, there are no links on the new Forum to get back to the main site.

Could you add a link back to the main site? (And to the blog, FAQ, etc?)


Since the forum isn’t embedded into the site layout and instead it’s own page, it might be a good idea to have it open in a new tab, what do you think?

The blog and FAQ both don’t navigate away from the main site, the navigation should stay intact with both of those links, and also clicking the logo would send you back to

I’m fine with it opening a new tab to take me to the main Skritter site. eBay started doing that for searches (at least on iOS Safari) and it hasn’t been an issue for my use cases…just takes a few times to get used to it.

I do tend to hit the Skritter-Critter logo on the Discourse page top-left to get me back to the main Discourse page though, so if by clicking “the logo” you meant the Discourse one, I personally have gotten used to being able to tap it instead of the tiny Safari back-buttons…but I could adapt either way.