Suggestion for card type reminders

Not sure where to put this. I’ve been using skritter for about half a year, mostly on my phone. In general I really like it but I have one small issue. When I’m going through the cards I often look at the question and wether it is reading or recognising I try to do both and just hit next. But then if I get one or the other wrong I usually can’t remember what the question was as I’m going through them pretty quickly. I know that in beta you can go back and check but sometimes when I try I go forward instead and it’s generally inefficient. It would be nice if in the answer it told you what the question was as it does for new cards in the website. Thanks

Hi there! Do you mean the “What is the reading” text for example, where you would like that to stay up on the prompt even after it’s been answered?

Yeah that would be great. And/or what is the definition.