Support for LineageOS?

Hey all!

I recently switched to a new phone running the open source LineageOS operating system. I installed Skritter Chinese release 3.4.4 300397 from (thank you for providing public APKs by the way! Could you also provide SHA256 fingerprints?)

I just wanted to ask if the Skritter team has any intent or desire to support users running LineageOS. I searched the forum but haven’t found any mentions of it. If the answer is no – which I would lament but also understand – would yall be opposed to me leaving any notes about issues I’ve run into here, just so other people doing the same thing can know what to expect?

Speaking of which, for some reason the app didn’t request storage permissions when it started up at first. That led to some pretty nasty crashes. But since I gave it storage permissions it’s been fine.


We don’t directly support LineageOS, but in general it should work on various flavors of Android. I say in general because even though that’s how it should work Android can be a bit of a beast when it comes to supporting everything due to device and version fragmentation. We do have a new version out, 3.4.6, which I have just uploaded.

While I can’t promise any LineageOS specific fixes if you run into issues that are fairly easy to reproduce I can certainly take a look and think about what might be causing them. Which version of LineageOS and kind of device are you running?

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got it! sounds reasonable to me. i’ll try to stay up to date with everything as much as possible then.

I think you maybe mislabeled the Chinese apk upload? it just says “3.4” whereas the latest Japanese version apk is labeled “3.4.6”. I just installed it and it does say 3.4.6 300403 in the about page.

i’m running LineageOS 17.1 (the latest nightly build is from June 21) and the phone is a OnePlus 7 Pro.

I have renamed the file so it’s now correctly listed. Nice catch!

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