Support Tablet Size Screens

I just installed the 3.0.13 beta on my iPad running iOS 12. The initial slider on the logon screen is offset and cut off the top half of the screen.

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It wants to be landscape mode :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing it out. We certainly haven’t optimized all of the screens for tablets yet. It’s on the list of things to do as we get closer to launch.

Also, perhaps we could update this topic to be about ways to improve the tablet experience? Like I said above, we haven’t done a lot of optimizing yet, but we’d love to get user feedback on ways we can make things better once we do focus on it.


Especially on larger tablets the canvas could easily get too big - ability to artificially reduce the size could be interesting. Would be nice if it could work in split screen mode for example.

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I said it elsewhere but I will repeat here: In the default web layout on a Surface Pro tablet, the writing area is on the left. This doesn’t work well for right handed people because the information box is covered by your arm.


Give us landscape view for tablets. Tablets were designed to be used primarily in landscape mode.

This is available! You can turn your device to landscape orientation, and the mobile app will automatically switch to landscape mode.

Thank you, but when I turn my device(s) to landscape, nothing changes. Is/was this the result of a Skritter or ios update? My mobile devices are a little old. My tablet is an iPad 2…

@malaili The iOS classic app is only Portrait. The new iOS beta works on Landscape, but is not optimized for the screen.

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You can sign up for the iOS beta app at: