Switching between simplified and traditional

I’ve been studying traditional ever since I began my studies (a couple of years now) and it’s definitely the character set I want to stick with long term.

However it looks like due to some recent developments with my job I’m going to need to learn simplified. If I switch to simplified mode on skritter I believe that I can choose to have all of my lists reset to the beginning. But will this erase all of my progress with traditional characters when I decide to continue with them. And will I also have to redo characters/words that are identical in traditional??

Alternatively, is there a way for skritter to add simplified versions of all the characters/words I’ve already learned?

Open to any suggestions/advice. Thanks!

When you reset your lists to start adding from the beginning, it will only make sure that anything that was skipped over (in this case simplified writings) will be added-- it won’t affect the progress of any parts you’ve already studied and any learned parts won’t be affected. The way to get Skritter to add the simplified versions of all the characters/words you’ve already learned is by resetting each of your lists to start adding back from the beginning.

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