Switching to Traditional

How do I get all the words in my lists that I have learnt in simplified become tested/added again if there are differences between the traditional and simplified characters?

Do I have nuke my account?

The traditional forms of characters you’ve already studies will get added in if you turn on the option to study both simplified and traditional.

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Thank you :slight_smile: The traditional characters are popping up now :slight_smile:

At least on the iPad version, after changing the switch to study both Traditional and Simpified, I’ve had to go back and reset my lists to the beginning and then “add” words again.

Since the Traditional versions of words did not get added in the past, they don’t appear until those new versions gets added. You can see this by looking at the words in each list. The Traditional variant won’t be marked as being added (grey colored or various shades of green color shown on the learning segments). They’ll be white colored.

However new words that you add will automatically add both versions.

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Thank you! How do I reset a list? Is that the same as nuking?

On my iPad, this capability is a little flakey…not sure about on the Web version (which I seldom use), nor the Android version (which I’ve never used).

I’ve had good luck by going to the list in question, selecting “Stop adding”, and then “Restart Adding”, which works well for one-section lists (small lists).

However, if you have a “big” list (that has multiple subsections) and you are not “finished” with it, Skritter knows where you are in the list and will begin again where you last stopped…which is not what you want. Hence, you have to select “Change Study Settings” for the list and then tell it to start at the beginning section of the list (pick the first item from the dropdown entitled “Add Vocab From”). Then you “Restart Adding” and it should be back at the beginning of the list.

However, (I believe) if you have banned any characters, it will skip those and not try to add the Traditional variant, since the Simplified variant is already banned.

I hope that is clear, let me know if I need to explain it better (it’s hard without doing screenshots and pointing at things! :smile:)

EDIT: No, it’s not the same thing as nuking…you don’t need to do anything drastic.

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Thank you for the explanation!

What I should do words/lists that are finished/completed?

I am only using the iPad version and it feels quite flakey trying to learn the traditional characters of the simplified ones I learnt.

MJ, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you can switch the character style of your account on the Study Settings page of the website. I personally find it a bit easier to manage this kind of setting from the web.

When you save Study Setting changes it will bring up a dialogue box for further list actions. With the character style switch you can either start adding traditional characters for new items that appear on your account, or reset lists back to the beginning and add items for anything that you might have missed before.

Hope this helps and best of luck on the switch!

I’m not sure. I think you may have to change the study settings on the long ones…but perhaps just restart adding for the short ones. I remember when I tried it, that I got it to work, but it wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped. I’d advise trying the same combination of stop adding, change settings, and restart adding and see what happens.

As @SkritterJake said, it sounds like the web-version has a better option since it will as specifically about resetting the lists. Do you have access to a computer somewhere where you can log in and change it once, and then go back to the iPad? If so, that might be a good thing to try.