Sync time too slow!

I have about 30k items to sync in Skritter, an initial sync can take literally hours. Voting for a bit of dev time to be put into this - I am looking at iphone saying “Sync: saving” and it’s downloaded 1.25MB in an hour for 17k items. Which is not quick. There are also other steps (syncing and assembly) so the actual time to sync is much longer. It doesn’t work in the background and seems to repeat steps, so phone is useless while it is syncing (can’t switch apps and can’t practice on Skritter) and if the phone sleeps then can’t do the sync. Hoping new Skritter will be quicker.

Edit: I just switched apps and it started again from zero again :’(


We are aware of the issue with large accounts taking an excessive amount of time to complete. Unfortunately our database built on the Google Cloud doesn’t scale very well for them and it was something that was realized in full after the fact. The two solutions are to figure out a way to do a partial download of data to get things started or move away from the Google Cloud. We’ll be making some big decisions in the next week concerning which major projects we want to start tackling going forward. It’ll be something we post about once it’s determined. A new lightning speed database is at the top of the list.


Thanks Josh, I think the partial download would be big. Three hours later I’m still tring to sync, it’s reset a few times and is back to near zero again.

Edit: five hours now and it’s just started from zero again. :dizzy_face:

Edit again: left it running overnight it didn’t finish, but just synced after another hour or so…

Last edit hopefully: got new phone and did initial sync and it was actually pretty quick - just a minute or two to do the saving and maybe ten minutes for assembly. This is for 60k items so not insignificant.

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