Syncing after offline study doesn't work


Yesterday I cleared my 160+ queue on the android (non-beta) app in offline mode - as I often do. Checking the website later revealed that queue hadn’t gone down an inch. Force-syncing several times and just waiting a while didn’t help. I re-did the reviews through the web interface and that brought the counter down properly. Thinking it was a one-off today I again did my reviews in offline mode. The app counter goes down to zero as usual, but the website doesn’t register the reviews.

I stay away from all betas to avoid these wasted hours. Is there something wrong server side?

Chinese Mobile App going out of sync all the time

I had the same issue except not in offline mode. I’ll do the reviews and the time goes up and the remaining reviews down while I’m doing them, but once a go back to the start screen of the app, the time i spent reviewing disappears. It still shows my progress in reducing the reviews dues though. The reviews i did don’t appear on the web interface and if I force a re-download they disappear also.


I´m experiencing the same problem. When I do reviews on the app the counter goes down, but it doesn´t seem to sync properly with the server. Re-downloading also makes the progress disappear.
When adding new words, they stay “added” but reappear as “new” even if I´ve done them before.


Added information:
Syncing also doesn’t work properly when studying with a connection. Android app goes to 0, web doesn’t register all the reviews done (in my case about half).
Doing the reviews in the web browser brings the due counter down quite a bit further, but get’s stuck at 16 items or so.
Going back to the old Skritter (with Flash and mouse input) brings the counter down even further, but 5 items remain stuck. They show in My Words as “Ready” but don’t get prompted.

I am starting to feel a little bit sad.


I am having the same problem since Sunday. The timer doesn’t work and the syncing.


i had the same issue. i was using the old android beta and it seems that the my last two days of reviews did not synchronize. and with todays android update i saw the large number of reviews. in the beginnimg i tbought it was a problem with the beta, until i checked the web version and it was the same.


The way the new beta is working groups/spaces items a bit differently than the way the web version has been working. It feels really nice to get the items review queue to 0 (which has always been an issue with other clients but is possible with the beta version) and as a result items are treated differently which is why it’s not matching up with the web version when you check, and seems like it’s not fully syncing. We’re working on getting this unified, but in the meantime the beta client should really be treated as a separate interface from the web version as it doesn’t act entirely the same way. Sorry for the confusion/frustration everyone!


Yesterday morning I saw the same issue while studying on iOS beta as many of you have been reporting here in this thread.

I did my reviews for the day and they didn’t show up on or I ended up doing a fresh install (logging out and in probably would have been fine as well), which showed me all the cards due again (feels bad!). I studied my queue down to zero again to see what would happen and my Review Report only recognized 4 cards as being studied.

After that session, however, the stats did update online and on the app. I wouldn’t call this a “fix” by any means, but it is something others might want to try if you’re feeling bold and wanna keep studying on mobile for the day and while we continue to investigate.

The main issue right now is that it’s hard to reproduce. I’ve studied 19 days straight on the beta app and this was the first sync problem I’ve encountered. This morning things were back to normal, but after talking with @josh it is possible that an item or two from the review queue is holding up the sync from completing. We’re going to continue to look into these issues. Keep the reports coming!

Speaking of reports, if you’re experiencing this issue it would be helpful to us if you would send an email using the contact button in the app with details similar to what you’re posting here. This gives us better info about app version and device, and allows for some follow-up conversations. Also, it is easier for us to pass the issue to Michael and Josh if we think things are account specific.

You’ll be able to see the issue without checking the website on the Progress screen. It should look something like this:

Note that the mobile app recorded the review activity, but stats for today are all 0s.

We’ll keep investigating. Thanks for your patience during this new beta release process!



Hey Jake, unfortunately I can’t find a contact button in the app… if it helps: I’m using Android (not beta) version 2.1.2
When I started the app today, all the stats where zero. I then restored the data and had to re-review yesterday’s new words as “new” again :-/


Yes, please realize that we are having these problems with the old version of the app. Of course your focus is now on releasing the Beta and working on making the experience with it better, but it really can’t be that in the meantime people who choose to stick with the old version for now are left behind with this issue.


It is not only the old app which is affected by that. Also the new beta is affected by the syncing problem and that’s why I stopped studying for now


As is the website… The most predictable platform is now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, everyone! Fixing the sync issues are our absolute top priorities and we’re working on getting this fixed as quickly as we can. In the meantime (as @bezdomny mentioned) the legacy web site should be working correctly and not running into this problem. We hope to have this sorted out very soon.


@bezdomny @Farham @jannesan @tarya92 @mikelimassol @FlorianK @jvbishop

We rolled out a server-side update this morning aimed at your syncing woes. It’s already live and you should be able to study again on the apps and things will sync!

If you’re still experiencing issues I would recommend logging out and logging back in to the application before reaching out. Things should work, but sometimes a fresh install is the best way to ensure that your app data is 100% in line with what the server thinks you should be studying.


Didn’t automatically work for me, so I tried the logging out and back in. The good news is that it looks like the website and the app now agree on my progress… The bad news is that it essentially took the server values and discarded the app… Which is where I do almost all of my studying. So it looks like I have now lost a week’s worth of hard work and progress. To be honest, I am really not happy with that outcome. A “simple” sync that offered a choice of take server vs take app would have been nice (not asking for a relatively complex merge operation). Or at least a message warning that logging out might result in losing said progress… Although in truth I realized that was a risk. Anyway, I just want to make sure it is absolutely clear the risks of log out/in!


Update: Scratch the good news. App is still not syncing.


Would you be able to shoot us an email at (including which version of Skritter you’re using / OS)? Thanks!


Email sent. Hopefully it helps!

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