Syncing between devices

Recently, I’ve started using Skritter for iOs at work in addition to using the Android app on my commute and elsewhere. Quite often I find that words I study in the morning on the way to work show up again later in the day in my iOs queue in the exact same order, even if I answered/marked them correct. Shutting down the app and reopening it to let it sync to the server doesn’t change the queue. \

About how long do I need to wait after shutting down one app until the progress is reflected in the other? I want to say it can be more than an hour sometimes, but I’m not really sure.

I’ve added forced sync’ing in both clients at regular intervals and the issues still persists.

We’ve been working on debugging some issues with performance and syncing the past week for some users. One debugging step to try beforehand would be doing a fresh log in as we had a bug in a build (version 3.10.8) last which was causing some issue but we quickly patched it.

@hz we got your email and will look in to your account shortly and reply to that email when we have more information.