Test x last added

When I use the test feature for x number of characters / words, I’d like it to select the x last added characters/words for my test, since those are the least familiar to me. This would be especially useful for the sections that have 200 characters/words in them. I actually made a simple excel sheet that does this, but I’d like to avoid the hassle of using multile tools.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on adding more test modes similar to what you’re suggesting as part of a larger update. It still needs some time to cook, so don’t expect it right away, but we’re working on it!

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Another idea that might fit in next to ‘last x studied’, could be ‘x most difficult’. That could be something like:

1 Has had a reasonable minimum amount of y reviews
2 take the last y reviews
3 sort the characters/words based on the percentage of incorrect answers.

I’m sure that other reasonable measures could be thought up to have the same effect. Is something like this also being considered?

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Yes. In general, we’re working on several ways to make it easier to focus your efforts in an optimal way, especially to be able to better deal with difficult vocabulary. This includes focusing on cards you’ve answered incorrectly recently, but also leech detection and working on cards you seem to forget over and over.

Sounds great! Take your time. I’m looking forward to the results. Thanks.

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