Text selection when tapping webapp


In Chrome (on Android Pie if that matters, and I have Swiftkey installed if that matters), sometimes when I tap, it acts like I’ve selected something which pops up a Google thing at the bottom of the screen that partially covers the rating buttons (see the attached image).


It looks like you’re on the browser version on your mobile, opposed to the mobile version. The site isn’t optimized for mobile devices which is why there’s the mobile app. (Forgive me if I’ve forgotten, I can’t recall if you had said in the past you’re using the web version due to a particular bug on the mobile version or something along those lines).


Yes. I’m using the web version on my mobile device because of the beta app bug with adding words. There was a lot I wasn’t being tested on until I made the switch :slight_smile: - it’s been a busy week of playing catchup.

Good to know. I’ll keep using it and be aware that things like this aren’t necessary to bring to your attention.

Looking forward to the new mobile app.


That’s certainly a good reason to use the web version in the meantime! The next update is significant, so I recommend giving it another go when the next update is out.

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