The JLPT N1 deck contains the KANA て & る as vocabulary

The JLPTN1 deck contains single hiragana. I found the following three cards: ~て, て & る. Users are being promoted to write and read those cards even when having KANA writing disabled. Not to mention the fact that they are inappropriate for such an advanced deck.

also a repost from my support inquiries

Do you happen to recall which section(s) these are in? I’m not sure how they slipped in there, but I can make sure they are removed from the list!

Actually after looking at list i could not find it. But I only studied that list and when I search for the card i can find it and it says it was added from that deck.

As you can see it added them from the JLPT deck

This suggest they were added when I learned one of the vocab listed there, even though none of them actually contain these characters?!

Just to add this to here as well. This card seems out of place for N1

Yep, that’s N5. I’ve removed this, thanks for the catch!

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