The numbers don't add up

I like the new feature that shows how many items are due in each list. However, the sum if those does not add up to the number of items due shown at the top of the dashboard.

2 + 12 + 36 + 10 + 8 != 86

It’d be a nice addition to be able to see a list of the items to review per list.

I’ve also seen that the Daily Goal number does not update quickly or consistently within the mobile app and sometimes takes a while to refresh to the correct number on the webapp. It seems like the data is there but a cached number is being displayed.

There’s definitely a long delay in updating the daily goal count. Maybe it’s only syncing data on wifi? (which would not be a good change).

We are still working on improving the numbers for the individual list due counts, but in general adding the individual list due counts together won’t add up because some lists might have overlapping words due. I will look into the due count issue and see if I can get it to update faster before the network sync happens.

In 3.0.7 the daily goal count is still not accurate. I had a bit over 200 items to review and got down to about 120 yet the daily goal shows 57/100 (60/100 on the website).

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This is still being looked into and worked on, thanks for the heads up!

Just an FYI - my due count has just dropped by well over 1,000

Hi Mike,

That doesn’t seem good. 1000 is a really big change. Got some questions for ya if you don’t mind. We’ll take a look based on your replies and see what we can uncover.

Thanks in advance!


  • Does this due count number match any other Skritter app, or is it only in 3.0.x?

  • Does the sudden change feel more or less correct than the previous build versions (just looking for some context with this question to help narrow down the cause of the issue)

  • Any filters enabled on the study screen? I don’t think this should be an issue, but just wanna check to make sure

  • Does a logging out and logging back in help at all?

Looks like I accidentally filtered out reading cards on the phone. Not sure how - I never filter my study. That accounts for the one third drop in due cards.


In my case, the Time Studied and Reviews count does not get updated at all for most of the times after I’m done reviewing, it stays at 0. :neutral_face:

I’ve seen this happen sometimes after longer continuous study sessions when the server is being slow processing the results. If you go back to the dashboard wait 5 seconds, see 0 and then go back in and out of the study screen does it refresh the second time?


I had this happening usually in the morning, in the end I figured out that after moving to Japan I have not changed the timezone setting in the app. After I set it correctly it seems fine.

Ok, for the record, it’s not fine. I thought it was somehow timezone related because the reviews wouldn’t count in the morning but later through the day it would work.

However, today I did reviews several times around 8am, 9am, 10am, and 11am. 2–10 items in a row. And none of it was added to the time studied or reviews count.

Pushed beta version 3.0.13 yesterday which includes some fixes for timezone related stuff.