The skritter APK file for Chinese "android" phone users?

A few months ago I bought an “android” phone in China. As I am sure you are aware, android in China is not the real android developed by google, especially since google is banned and blocked in China.
This means that it is close to impossible to install google playstore on a chinese phone. I have tried a few times with a VPN but I just dont seem to be able to add my phone to the list of my phones in the google playstore.

Anyways, us users with Chinese phones need a reliable source to install skritter and skritter updates from. I know it can be found on a few 3rd party free apk sites, but who knows what kind of maleware those apks might be infected by.

I know that I asked a similar question about 6 months ago and this link was posted by an admin:

I just wanted to confirm that this always will be a source for the latest update of skritter?

Also, I am supposed to download the arm.apk and not the x86 apk right?

Thanks in advance!

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Yep! This is the link that will remain to download the most recent APK.

It’s 99% likely that you would want to download the ARM file, not the x86-- correct.