Time Attack (Beta) -- 勝負しよう!

Combine writing prowess with a little bit of luck, and you get Skritter’s new Time Attack mode! Battle with other Skritter users to see if you’ve got what it takes to make it onto the top 25!

While this is a beta feature we will likely be resetting the leaderboard from time to time. Take screenshots of your scores to remember them by!

How it works

Each session randomly selects 20 items from decklists. The objective is simple-- write characters as fast as you can, and see your time after each attempt. Each deck shows your top times and the top 25 high scores. There are no penalties for stroke mistakes or incorrect characters, but they will slow you down! Gestures and button taps, however, do come with a time penalty.

Hint button (eye) +5 seconds

Teaching Mode (gesture) +10 seconds

Not satisfied with your results? No problem. Just try again. Good luck, and happy time attacking!


Time Attack is a new beta feature. Scores will be reset from time to time as we make improvements. Sorry in advance, and we hope you have fun!

Drop your ideas and feedback about this new mode below!