Tone color coding

I would like an option to display Characters in colors according to what tone they are except when tones are being hidden for test or review reasons. Best case would be user selectable colors with Pleco colors defaulted. I’d be ok with just Pleco colors. This feature should have an on off toggle as well for people that don’t want colors.

For some people the colors stick a lot better than the tone marks.

Agree with the usefulness of tone colors. All this was abailable in the Web 1.0 version ( but did not persist into any subsequent platform. This, and the larger font size, is why I still use the legacy version sometimes. Unfortunately the sample sentence audio function does not work any more there, so I also use the current web version too.

The Pleco integration works in the legacy app so you can go to info and click on Pleco and get the sound and sample sentences that way. It’s clunky but serviceable

Pleco is supported in all our mobile apps, but that isn’t super helpful for those that find tone colors useful while studying on Skritter. Adding tone color support into the new mobile apps as a toggle option is totally doable. Adding it to the feature list now!

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Just coming in here to bump this! I have such a hard time learning tones and I’d really love tone colors to be integrated into the app.

Yes, I am (still) waiting for this too. I am using tone colors in Pleco, and used them in the original Skritter (web version, now deprecated “Legacy Skritter”. I also find them useful in my vocab list lookups on MDBG Chinese Dictionary

Thanks for the bump on this. We still have an improvement open, and I think we’re in a very good spot these days to make something like this happen on the mobile apps (and future website update). Stay tuned for future feature notes :slight_smile:

btw, here is my issue and how we’d like to improve upon what the legacy site had to offer!

Just came to bump this up. Any news?

No new updates right now. But, I’m working with our UX/UI designer and knocking a lot of tasks and ideas off my hitlist. Getting in a nice spot to start tackling this and more soon enough!

Hope to see the tone colors back soon. It has been a long time since Legacy Skritter was replaced. I agree that being able to customize, as with Pleco, would be the ideal color option. Barring that, I would vote for the MDBG color scheme first, followed by Nathan Dummitt. (Same colors, different shades).