Too many character reviews for words

Is there a way to turn off character writing for words? Since the same character appears in many words … it feels these are excessive.

One way to do this manually might be to have characters and word vocabulary in separate lists, with the writing review turned off just for the words. But as far as I can see that is not possible, the setting is global.

As an example, suppose I have nihao, haokan, haobuhao … “hao” is not a new character in each word, but for each word, writing it is practiced as intensively as if it were. Or so it seems.

The extreme example is reduplicated words: xiexie, renren. Skritter asks you to write the character twice.

In fact, the same applies to tones, as opposed to pronunciation.

The beta app helps with this because you can skip a drawing if you know it already by tapping ahead. Of course, the beta app has problems right now with adding new words so it’s not a great solution until that gets fixed.

On the web app it’s easy to ban out just the part you’re looking at. On a lot of “words” I click ban and then just choose the writing part.

Thanks. I now see that in fact, although there are global settings for which elements of each item are tested, these can apparently be overridden on a per-list basis. So I think I have solved my immediate problem by creating a duplicate list with just the characters, and not the words, with writing turned off for the latter.

I still think it would be valuable to be able to adjust behaviour for words and characters separately, whether in individual lists, or globally. Creating separate lists to achieve the same result is cumbersome, and might be quite laborious, depending on the source of the vocabulary and how it is organized.

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