Too many words on my list

Hi, Skritter has 400 and something words cued up for me to do and that’s too many to go through, frankly skritter has become useless because there are so many words cued up. On the first week of getting through skritter I was able to pass alot of characters because I allready knew them. However after time of having other things to do all these words added up in my skritter list without me watching them, how do I reset the ammount of characters I am due to study to a reasonable number again, like 5 or some other amount I can handle in a day, this is ridiculous.

I just want you to know that I’m really pissed off about this bs. Seriously.

So i tried deleting my lists and no that doesn’t work, does this really just stuff the whole damn program? I paid $100 for this app, I shouldn’t have to deal with this bs just because I didn’t have the time to study for a few months.

just restart the whole damn thing I don’t care about words I already leared ffs.

ok i think i restarted it, great way to spend an hour of time.

You can reset your progress by using the link below to go to your account settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select to reset all of your data. It’ll prompt you for your password to make sure you really want to delete all of your progress.

@dazpetty I guess, it’s too late for you, but for anyone else in such situation, there’s a feature to spread the reviews over some time: Overcoming a Mountain of Reviews (a.k.a. “Save me” button).

I don’t think an SRS algorithm is going to work for you if you only want to study/review 5 characters per day. Numbers will go up a lot, even with daily use.