Total app collapse

I don’t know what happened, but after the big update the other day, when most things were generally functional, today the app is completely unusable.

It locks up completely within about 20 seconds of launch. I couldn’t even submit a problem report from within the app because it froze before I could finish writing the first word.

Also all the buttons at the bottom of the screen have disappeared. No hint, show answer, erase, all that stuff is gone. For the short period of time before freezing, the 1-4 ratings still show up after the answer is submitted, but the skip forward arrow is gone (I understand from the preview video that the back arrow hasn’t been added yet) too.

Was there an update in the last 36 hours? I don’t know how else everything could have gotten so thoroughly screwed up.

I do have a bit more information about the issues you’re experiencing and am working on a more aggressive fix for them. The way we’re storing data locally is exceeding device limits which will cause all kind of crazy things to happen. The solution is to switch to a different way to store data which has much higher storage limits. It’s not as easy as pressing a button, but I made good progress today and think I’ll have a nice update out with that fix on or before Monday. Keep your eyes out for version 3.0.3 and will also update ******Official Skritter Mobile Update Notes******.

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That makes sense. A lot of the behavior is consistent with low system resources. It’s odd though because for the first 24-36 hours, aside from loose ends in the UI, everything was working OK. Even a system reboot and shutting down other apps didn’t solve what started yesterday. But anyhow. Hope there’s a fix soon.

I got the 3.0.4 update and it runs a little better, but there’s significant lag on every action, from drawing strokes the advancing to the next term.

Advancing to the next term is a big issue because now both navigating buttons are gone, and since I haven’t been able to study for the better part of a week while the app has been unusable, my study queue has ballooned to over 2090 terms, which I can’t do. With that many terms to deal with, if I want to just skip over then to clear the queue, it would still take over an hour, and the option isn’t even available. This is out of hand.

I will have to look into the lag on larger account again. I think with your account is might have something to do with the individual list due count calculation bleeding over into you studies. I need to figure out a graceful way to kill it when leaving the dashboard, because it’s a rather CPU intensive process to look through so many lists and words for calculations.

I think rather than adding in back and forth navigation buttons that add clutter we’ll keep the back button at the top, since that is a more common action and handle skipping prompts with a gestures (something like three finger tap or hold).

Got another update maybe 12 hours ago (3.0.5). I’ve got a back arrow at the top of the screen, but everything else is gone. Can’t skip forward, Pleco integration is gone, sample sentences–I can’t even erase mistakes or bad strokes. And it’s still slow responding when I draw a stroke.

The app really isn’t usable to me under these circumstances. Is there an estimate on restoring these functions? If it’s going to be more than a couple of days, I need a way to hibernate my account so that my due list stops blowing up while these fixes are being added. It’s already out of control as it is.

It will likely be more than a few days before these all get fixed, but everything you have listed are high priorities on the todo list. You should be able to erase all the stroke by swiping up. You can find other functionality changes here Skritter Mobile Beta Updates in the things that have changed section.

There isn’t a way to freeze your queue, but since this is an active beta you do still have a few other options for rolling back to a previous version. The two options available are uninstalling then either leaving the beta program via the Play Store or installing the apk directly from our files

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Was the last version really only released in November of 2017? That doesn’t seem right, but the link to the .apk files doesn’t have anything more recent.

The builds at are a bit older than the beta version available by opting in on the Play Store.

The point is, I was wanting to roll back to the beta version I had before this major revision. I need a stable client, and things were just about starting to work when the latest version rolled out and wrecked everything. Meanwhile my queue has blown up out of control again, and apparently there’s nothing to do about it except sit down for 70 hours and individually go through everything in the study list.

I swear to god every time I think I’ve got a handle on things, something else blows up. It was working for the first time in almost a year.

Version 2.3.5 (arm for most devices) in the link provided by @Jeremy was the latest beta before the 3.0 beta started rolling out to users.