Traditional / Simplified most common differing characters list

I think it would be quite useful for a “Most common differing characters list”

So basically from all of the characters that differ from traditional to simplified, take the 2,000 most common ones.
Does anyone think this would be a good way to transition from simplified to traditional (or vice versa)?

I think it could be a good idea to have a specific list with the differences.
I tried to make one myself, but was unable to find a source that lists the most common differing characters.

I got the first 50 though!

這 個 會 們 時
為 麼 對 沒 覺
過 學 後 當 現
說 樣 還 讓 業
經 從 發 實 間
裡 開 長 國 問
種 變 著 給 認
點 結 於 媽 題
書 輕 創 應 關
與 錢 幾 講

from this YT video: this has most common 1890


非常好! 謝謝妳! 很有用 :grin:

The URL for the list mentioned by ximeng has changed, it is now here:

The title of the list is “Most frequently used characters: Traditional variants”.

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