Turn off Characters in Words option


I have previously had the “Characters in Words” option enabled, but now wish to turn this feature off. However, even with the option disabled I am still reviewing single characters that aren’t present as words in any of my lists. Could anyone help me with this? I’ve looked around the forums for a bit but haven’t found any information on it. I am a bit worried it is not possible due to the data structure simplification mentioned here: http://www.skritter.com/forum/topic?id=524598


Which version(s) of Skritter do you use?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for replying. I’m using the iOS version, primarily on iPhone.

No problem!

The change isn’t retroactive, so any single characters that were added when the option was still enabled will linger around. You can ban them as they pop up by tapping the detailed information button, and then the ban button: http://docs.skritter.com/article/49-study-screen#info

You mentioned some of the characters didn’t come from any words you’ve been studying though-- would you be able to give an example of a few characters so I could investigate?

No sorry, the characters are from words I’ve studied while I had the Characters in Words option enabled so all working there. I just meant I don’t have those characters as unique entries in my lists.

Your answer makes sense though from what I’ve been reading in the docs and on these forums about how Skritter works. Essentially, words are added to My Words from lists you are studying. If the Characters in Words option is enabled at this time, then individual characters are added to the My Words list too?

However, this seems to give unexpected behaviour (for me at least), as I would expect the Characters in Words option to affect what I am studying in Advanced Study where the material studied is defined by lists.

One scenario where this could be useful is, for instance, if someone was cramming for HSK3 and only wanted to learn those 600 words, yet they had the characters in words option enabled while learning those lists.