Turning off Card Types in Due Cards

Hi there,

not sure if this has been asked previously or if there is an easy explanation?

I have a BIG backlog in my Tone due cards and i dont think i can meaningfully shift this. Is it possible to turn off a “Card Type” from the Due Cards total count?

Im keen to aim for a “Due Card 0” but dont think i can get there until i deal with these pending Tones.


Have you tried unselecting it the study settings?

If you turn off tone cards globally you’ll never see them in the queue until you turn it back on. They won’t even show up in the learning experience either, though, so proceed with caution because you’ll have to go back and relearn (or rejuvenate the deck) to get all those missing cards into the queue in the future.

Personally, I don’t do Tone reviews. I just do reading card and if I get the tone wrong I mark them as incorrect. Saves me one card type per every item learned, and makes things a bit easier to manage.


Thanks makes sense.

I will probably need to go back and revise them at some point!