Ultra Slow & Simple Chinese

I consider myself a “Beginner” about to complete HSK1 (HSK 3.0 2021 edition). Skritter has been fantastic to learn (I guess I developed an addiction at that point).

Now I wanted to start getting exposed to more real life Mandarin, but if I try to read any news, or simple book or any YouTube video or movie, I obviously don’t know enough to understand much.

So I searched for resources that have extremely simple & slow pace Mandarin, and I discovered the YouTube Channel “Mandarin Click” that has some “Slow Chinese” stories that has been amazing for me to practice differently (I am not affiliated in any way, so not a shameless ad).

I was trying to find other resources like super simple news, or slow stories or anything geared towards Slow or Simple Mandarin for beginners. Any other pointers? Any other resource I should consider?

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Glad you’re liking the app! If you want short stories, I like Du Chinese, and if you want news, check out The Chairman’s Bao. They are both great Skritter companions for increasing your reading and listening comprehension.

Mandarin Monkey is a great channel, they do a lot of stuff in “Chinglish.” You can also check out Skritter’s partners and resources page for more ideas.

Language Learning with Youtube is also a great plugin for watching Youtube videos.

Hope this gives you some more ideas for things to check out!


Thanks this is great!

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Thanks so much!

Btw, your mandarin monkey link isn’t working.