Unable to add 麵糰 to a list


I’m trying to add 麵糰 to a list, but it gets automatically converted to 麵團. I tried manually editing using 1.0 and that didn’t work either.

The odd thing is that when I search under Words for 麵糰 it only lists 麵團 and 面团. But if I search for just 糰, 麵糰 is listed as a result.


It appears the official way of writing that word is 麵團, and I’ve not found a dictionary that recognizes 麵糰 as an entity.

If you type on a Chinese keyboard, it is only 麵團 that is suggested, and the Wikipedia article is also that. https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/生麵團, so before I look into why it does this behavior I’m just checking to see why you want to learn the alternative. :slight_smile:

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I thought I found it online, but it turns out I didn’t look at the Yellow Bridge page closely enough. It does come up in Pleco when you search for “miantuan” (probably where I got it from), as well as in both my computer and phone’s IM, though.

Given it is clearly not what nature intended, it’s not worth bending over backwards (or even forwards) to make this work.

Thanks for looking into it!

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